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Thailand travel guide for tourists who need some useful tourist informations to advice details of each place in Thailand and prepare your journey. Please choose link in travel area menu if you want to go somewhere in each Thailand's region or travel style menu if you want to travel to each natural places and attractive places.

If you want to speak some Thai language when you're coming to Thailand, please click learning Thai Lang to find word as you want.

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Thailand Guide

Thailand is land of smile in Southeast Asia . There are many attractive places for travelers or tourists. With great geometry of location, Thailand have many
natural places in the world such as waterfalls, islands , mountains , forests, natural parks and much more including the well-restored history places. Most tourists travel to Thailand more than 300,000 persons per year because of the beautiful scenarios, delicate products, good taste of foods and Thai people ‘s hospitalites.

Objective of this website want to distribute Thailand information as much as possible so that you can use these information for traveling to Thailand easily. Therefore, the website is your Thailand guide handbook, tourists guide or Thailand travel guide for who love trip to Thailand.

Before you prepare to travel to Thailand , you should know about Thailand ‘s weather that there generally are 3 seasons in Thailand as
- Winter during October – January suitable for trip or traveling to the waterfalls or the mountains or hills where are mostly located in the Northern and North-Eastern region of Thailand.
- Summer during February – May suitable for trip or traveling to the beaches or the islands or the Natural parks where are mostly located in the Eastern and Southern region of Thailand.
- Rainy season during June – October suitable for trip or traveling to the waterfalls or the canals or others where are located at everywhere in Thailand.

If you would like to take journey or travel to Thailand , please check climate or weather suitable for your visiting places and read Thailand travel Guide.

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