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Central of Thailand

This region is the third largest area in Thailand. Most area in Central of Thailand is plain because there are many river passing through this area. It cause this area is plentiful. Most people earn a living with agriculture and domestic animal such as cow farm, shrimp farm and fish farm. For some provinces where is connected to sea, they earn living with fishery and salt pan except for Bangkok Metropolis and neighbor.

Especially for Bangkok, it is Thailand 's capital and central of economic. These are many people living here including International Airport (Suvannaphoom airport) and Seaports.


Besides above, there are mountains, waterfalls and caves in these area. Because there are many rivers and canals, tourists like to travel with home-stayed style in order to see villager 's lifestyle along two sides of river or canal. Transporation to each place is comfortable on both car and boat.

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