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Ayutthaya Province

Ayutthaya province had been Thailand's capital in the Krungsri-Ayutthaya era. It was established in 1350 by Phra Chao Authong. After epidemic diseaases at Authong city, he relocated people to Ayothaya city. Until 3 uear later, Krung Sukhothai was declining and gone, he annouced "Krungsri-Ayutthaya" and appointed himself to be "King Ramathibordi I" which is the longest era in Thailand 's history more than 400 years.

Most area in Ayutthaya province is lowland and plain. There are 3 main rivers passing around city such as Pa-Sak river, Lopburi river and Chao-Phraya river. Both sides of rivers are crowded with buildings and lodges. Since there are long history in here, Ayutthaya has many ancient remains and temples.


Ayutthaya province is covering area about 2,547 square kilometres and its population is about 740,000. UNESCO has resolution to appoint Ayutthaya province covering Phranakhon-Sriayutthaya Historical Park, Sukhothai Historical Park , Srisatchanalai Historical Park and Kamphaengphet Historical Park to be World Heritage.

Except for historical park, most of attractive place here are palaces and temples such as Royal Palace, Chankasem Palace, Bang-Pa-In Palace, Nakhonluang Palace and Bangsai Art and Craft Center.

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Local Transportation

  • Car: Take highway no. 1 ( Phaholyothin Rd. ) passing Patonam Phra-In and take higway no. 32 to Ayutthaya province or take highway no. 306 (Bangkok-Nonthaburi-Pathumthani route) through Pathumthani bridge junction and then take highway no. 347 passing Bangsai Art and Craft Center to Ayutthaya province.
  • Bus: Both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned buses leave Bangkok's Northern and North-Eastern Bus Terminal (Kamphaengphet 2 Road) to Ayutthaya province daily.
  • Train: Leaving daily from Bangkok's Hualumphong Railway Station to Ayutthaya province.

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