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Eastern of Thailand

Most area in this region is plain and short hills and connected to sea (Gulf of Thailand) with a Phranom Dongrak mountain range bordered between Thailand and Cambodia. There are many beautiful beaches as Pattaya beach and islands as Koh Chang, Koh Samed, Koh Mandt and Koh Lan.


Main economic is agriculture (fruits) such as Durian, Rambutan and mangosteen including rubber tree and fishery . They sell fresh aquatic animals or foods or transform to products. Moreover, some area in each province are industrial estate and jewelry source as well.

Travel Area

Besides attractive natural places, each provinces in Eastern of Thailand are center of industrial economic (Chonburi and Rayong province) or gem source (Chanthaburi province). There are many factories and industrial sea ports. All provinces in this region are travel sources attractive to both Thai and Foreign tourists.


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