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Kampaengphet Historical Park

There are archaeological remains of ancient sites in the Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park such as Muang Chakangrao to the east of the Ping River and Muang Nakhon Chum to the west of one. Services from the tourist center are available and located at 5 kilometers from town on the Kamphaengphet – Phran Kratai route.


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Chakangrao, the former name of Kamphaengphet, had the same town planning concept as the old Sukhothai and Sri Satchanarai, with separates zones for religious sites in and out of town. Structures are large and made of laterite. Religious sites on the west of the Ping River at Nakhon Chum are built of bricks.


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Local Transportation

  • Car: Take Highway no. 32 from Bangkok to Nakhon Sawan passing Ayutthaya, Ang-Thong and Singburi and then take along Highway no. 1 to Khamphaengphet, a total distance of 358 kilometers.
  • Bus: Both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned buses leave Bangkok's Northern and North-Eastern Bus Terminal (Mochit 2) to Kampaengphet province daily.
  • Before you will travel to each place, please make sure about way to go there including both time schedule and open-close time.

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