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Guide to Thailand 's Islands

There are many islands, beachs and seasides in Thailand , covering on area in the east and south region of Thailand. the east region and the east of south region is on the Gulf of Thailand side but the west of south region is on Andaman sea side where is more beautiful.

If you wish to get fresh air and would like to escape from being chaotic and severity of city life, travelling to island or beach will be rewarding.



Thailand Travel to Island

For Gulf of Thailand side, there are seaside starting from Trad province in the Eastern region to end at Narathiwat province in the Southern region. But Andaman Sea side, it start from Ranong province in the southern of Thailand to end at Satoon Province in the Southern of Thailand.

The seaside is very beautiful with green sea. Especially for Andaman Sea side, there are many beautiful seasides with white sand along coasts. There are the most of beautiful coral reefs in the world with aquatic animals.

There are 23 provinces where have border connected to the sea complete with accomodation for rent and other facilities. Each route to travel places is comfortable and safety.

Travel Style

Guide Recommendation when you travel to the island

1. Side of the Gulf of Thailand : each provinces in this side is near Bangkok (Metropolis). Since it takes less time to go there, most people like to visit them along weekend and some holidays. The seaside and island is less beautiful than one in the Adaman Sea except for Trad province.

2. Side of the Andaman Sea : it takes more time to go each places. Since there are many beautiful seasides and islands including coral reefs, most people like to go there in a long holiday. They are nice for diving.


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