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Northern of Thailand

Most areas in Northern of Thailand is surrounded by mountains or hills here is cooler than rest especially in December and January. The region border is next to Myanmar and Laos. Thus Cultural in Northern of Thailand is influenced from the neighboring cultures of Myanmar and Southern of China.


Besides of the beautiful mountains and waterfalls, hill tribes are one of the main attraction in these area. Their ethic are interesting. Tourists like to visit, walk through villages, elephant riding, trekking and rafting.

Travel Area

Traditional food is called "Khan Tok" (northern food arranged on a low round table). Northern savoury is fried pork's skin and called as "Khab Moo". Original northern food is favourite such as Khoa Soi (noodle with curry soup), Khanom Jiin Nam Ngiew (noodle with pork and black bean sauce), Nam Phik Noom (spicy mix dipping with vegetable or pork).

If you have time for travel, you do not miss to go to the northern of Thailand. It is very impression for you long time.


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