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Guide to Thailand 's Historical Parks

The historical park contains the well-restored ruin castle and building including accessories such as piping, temple and others.

If you would like to view city life in the past and the old Thai civilization, you do not miss the historical park.



Type of Thai Arts

1. Lanna era another name is called Chiang-Saen. The building was built during 10th -17th Century. Most of them are found in the Northern of Thailand.
2. Sukhothai era The arts constructed during that time are the most beautiful . They was built during 13th - 14th Century. Some places was bulit with Thai-Khmer style. They are found in the Northern and North-Central of Thailand.
3. Authong era The building was built during 11th -14th Century. Most of them are found in the Central of Thailand.
4. Krungsri Ayuthaya era The building was built during 14th -17th Century. The arts was mixed with art of Authong era and foreign pattern such as Chinese, Khmer and Western.
5. Ratanakosin era The building was built during 18th until now.


Travel Style

Recommendation when you travel to Historical Park

1. History : You should know some history of each place where you want to go so that you can imagine how they is in the past.
2. Safety : You should not be trust anybody. If you need any informations, please contact or ask officer at Tourism information center in each place.

Before you will travel to historical park, please prepare umbrella or hat because of hot weather and shiny.

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