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Guide to Thailand 's Attractive Places

The attractive places in Thailand are interesting. Most tourists attend to see how Thailand's civilization is. You can find temples to see Thai cultural in the past or go to Department stores to buy somethings or go to open market and floating market to buy products such as handicraft, souvenior, food and much more.

If you would like to see Thai civilization and cultural, you have to go each attractive place and see what you want.



Type of Thai Attractive Places

1. Department Store There are many large department stores in Thailand such as Siam Paragon, Central World, The Mall and etc.
2. Temple There are many temples in Thailand built in each reign since past (year 1057) until now according to Buddhism.
3. Monument There are many monuments in Thailand for recognizing to great victory or person.
4. Museam or Gallery There are very kinds of museam and gallery in Thailand. Some museams is collecting antiques and old-fashioned things.
5. Market places and parks Vistors like to go to shopping in one place where goods price is cheaper and they can buy many kinds of products.


Travel Style

Recommendation when you travel to attractive places

1. Smoking : most attractive place do not allow for smoking. You can smoke in where they arrange only.
2. Temple : you will be polite dressing. Women cannot touch monks because of Buddist's rules.
3. You should not trust anybody during traveling. Please contact tourist information center when you want to get information more.

Before you will travel to each attractive place, please make sure about way to go there including both opening time and closing time.

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