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Thai Foods

Pad Thai
Chicken Curry
Tom Yum Krung

noodle fried with little shrimp, bean sprout, bean curd and kui-shai including cucumber.

curry is cooked with chicken, coconut milk, spices, ma-kuer and chillis.

Soup is cooked with shrimp, shallot, chilli, sweet basil, lemongrass, coconut milk and parsley

Its taste is delicious especially for foreign tourists. You can find it in the resturant or food corner.

It's too spicy for foreign but you can ask cooker or waiter to reduce spicy.

It's very famous both Thai and foreign people. It's delicious.

Som Tam
Khao Pad
Kuay Teo

papaya spicy sald

Fried rice with pork or chicken or shrimp

noodle with soup

Kraprao Guy
Kor Moo Yang
Khao Oab Sub-pla-rot

Fried rice with chicken and spices

grilled pork

baked rice into pineapple

Nam Prik
Koang Wann

variety of side dishes

Thai fruit

Thai dessert

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