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Guide to Thailand 's Waterfalls

The most waterfalls are still covered by natural forest surrounding with many viewing points. Tourists always swim or take a time to relax. There are waterfall places in each National park or Doi (mountains or hills).

If you wish to get cooler and fresher and would like to escape from being chaotic and severity of city life, travelling to mountains or hills will be rewarding.


Type of Forest

1. Evergreen forest found on mountain where is very cold climate There are some birds which you are unable to find in other forests including seedling also.
2. Tropical rain forest found on mountain where is rainy climate There are many kinds of seedling and wild animal. The forest is plentifully.
3. Pine forest found on mountain where is cold climate There are pine trees called "Pinus merkusii" and "Kesiya pine". Most of the forests are found in the northern and north-eastern of Thailand.
4. Mixed forest found on most mountains in Thailand. There are some seedlings and wild animals.
5. Grassland found among forests on some mountains. There is no seedling but there are some kinds of animal which eat grasses.


Travel Style

Caution when you travel to waterfall

1. Slug : a small animal live on damp ground When you are held with slug, you should use fire burning at slug before you pull it off.
2. Bee and wasp : If you is stinged, using a sharp end tool to press at sting of a wasp. You can find sting and pull it out.
3. Scorpion, centipede and snake : If you is bited or stinged, please contact doctor in a hurry.

Before you will travel to forests on mountains, please wear completely enclosed and boot.

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